RER: Post #1: September 1, 2014: Kansas City Missouri

The purpose of this blog is to document the travels of Richard E Rosen and Beverly Belle Kent. The journey began on August 1st, 2014.

We departed from Marina Del Rey mid-day, after several days and weeks of frenetic and frantic packing and selling and giving away. We left in our 2009 Kia Sedona Mini-van pulling a 6 x 10 cargo trailer which contained our 2014 Ducati Multistrada Motorcycle. Our our earthly goods were in the van, in the trailer and in a car-top carrier on the roof of the van.

Our intention had been to drive east to Connecticut. Belle had several yoga classes, yoga workshops and Baby Blessings on her calendar for August. I was going to work around the east, and leave for Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles meeting the last week of August. I was booked on a returning flight to Santa Fe New Mexico on August 30.

Belle was going to drive the van and trailer out to New Mexico to meet me, and we were going to stay at our friends place in Ojo Caliente, helping to organize a Walkabout with Glenna for October.

What really happened:

  • We both were very ill with a sinus infection that turned out to be viral.
  • We split up in Springfield MO. I road the Ducati down to Fayetteville Arkansas. The transmission on the Kia blew up with Belle at the wheel on the outskirts of Indianapolis. I caught up the next day.
  • Extended warranty issues made the van repair last 2 weeks. Belle flew east and I followed by Ducati, catching up with her in Collinsville CT.
  • We rode Ducati to the beach in Rhode Island. I broke my ankle walking on the street.
  • I flew out to Indy, bought a Mercedes Sprinter van, drove back to RI. Planned to have trailer hitch installed on Sprinter in Rhode Island. That didn’t happen.
  • Belle and I drove Sprinter out to Indianapolis. Had trailer hitch installed. Drove east toward CT with trailer.
  • Turned around, went back to Indy to pick up Kia, drove Kia and Sprinter to Kansas City to see my sons Eric and Clay.
  • Stayed at a hotel in Fulton MO. In hot tub the next morning, attacked in a splash fight by a grown man who may have been coping with brain damage. My fantasy if that he was an injured vet.
  • The month ended.

Hope to speak in more detail about the trials and tribulations above. Belle will be writing her perspectives in And we both plan to share our experiences as this journey continues.





Our Wishes for the Next & Final Fraction of Our Lives