An Open Letter to HRC (and Her Followers)


I am trying really hard to forgive you. To find a space inside my heart where I can be comfortable with you as a human being. I have been captive to ambition myself, so I can understand how you seem to have subordinated everything to your drive for power, or riches, or celebrity, or whatever made you do the things you’ve been doing for the last however many years it’s been.

I don’t think I can find it in myself to like you, or to want you to become the President of the United States. One thing I know is that your husband did have an affair of some sort with a young intern. Lied about it to the American people. Somehow persuaded his followers that what he did was not a big enough issue for them to stop supporting him.

And I believe that you were part of that process.

And I don’t believe that all the other issues were just cases of your being demonized by evil Republicans. If you were my kid, I would tell you to take responsibility. Apparently that is not going to happen.

It bothers me a lot that you are willing to put the country through another Clinton maelstrom. The fact that you are seems sociopathic to me. But I’m not a psychologist. I do wish that the opportunity that the Bernie Sanders movement represents mattered to you.

You are one person who can insure that the transformation that Sanders embodies becomes real. It would be so great if you took yourself out of the race and got behind what we all want. I think even your followers would like to see the kind of future that this movement has potentiated.

You probably won’t read this. If you did, would you be open to doing the right thing? Don’t you have enough fame and wealth and power. Don’t you care about the rest of us?

If the Democratic Party fails to respect and honor the work and money and soul that the Sanders movement has invested, I can only hope that Bernie is willing to run as a third party candidate. Whether he does or doesn’t, I am hopeful that the vast majority of his supporters don’t fall for the delusion that your candidacy is a salvation against the demon that we are supposed to believe Donald Trump is.

Just think about it. This is your chance to do something good.



The Morning After the Night Before

I just got a note from Bernie’s campaign asking for money. I was glad to see it. Gave the same $15 I give almost every time they ask. I have a rule to make no more than one contribution a day. Otherwise, i might have to go into a recovery program for Bernie Sanders Addicts.

I really want the change to come about. I want Bernie to win all the rest of the states and the nomination. I want him to crush it in the general election. I want to help him pressure Congress to pass the legislation he proposes. And I want to spend the next 8 years caring about what we are doing in this country.

I want to see an ethical change. I’ve seen them before. It’s no longer okay to treat African Americans as second class citizens. It’s no longer okay to treat women as lesser beings. It’s no longer ok to light up a cigarette in the office.

The ethical change I want to see now is that it’s no longer ok to hog your money and your stuff without any regard for the bigger picture. That it’s no longer ok to think only of yourself. Why couldn’t we imagine a future wherein rich people are glad to pay their share, or more, so that all the services we want and need are provided by the Common.

The Common – there’s an idea whose time has come back. I’m making this next piece up, but I’m thinking that in the old days, the village common was an asset to everyone who lived in the village and was supported by everyone in the village. If someone had more, they gave more. Wouldn’t that just make sense?

Think about it. Those of us who have the most have the most to gain by a stable sustainable society and the most to lose if our society falls apart. Why not send a clear signal to our fellow citizens that we care about them, that we don’t want to be pigs while their kids starve?

This is pretty much where I’m at in this late winter of my 69th year on the planet. When Bernie leaves office in 2025, I’ll be in my late 70’s and things will be different. If Bernie isn’t our next president, i still want to work for change, but it’s less obvious to me how that change will come about.

My slogan: DWYC – Do What You Can


The Ides of March

I’m sure I’m not the only person thinking that the Bernie world is coming to an end. 

Well, it’s not. 

This is not 1972. 

Bernie is not George McGovern. Hilary isn’t Richard Nixon. Well, maybe she is. A little. In her relationship to the truth, and her willingness to do anything for power. 

I hear that the next primaries are better for Bernie. So I’m going to continue to care and give. 

You too?

It’s 3 AM

Oh my God! I have a World Clock app that came with the phone. 

I’m watching the time. 

At 1:59, the app says I’m 4 hours behind New York. Instead of 3. 

As I’m processing that, thinking about adding Chicago and Denver, the time turns over. 

Only instead of 2 AM, it’s 3 AM. The world worked, Steve Jobs works. It was me that was wrong. 

Thank you God!!!

What Time Is It Now?

According to my phone, it’s 1:03 AM on Sunday, February 2016. This is going to be hard to write, because I woke up to experience Springing Forward, and I have to keep exiting my writing program to check the time. 

No watch, no clock, no TV. No other way to know what time it is. 

Now it’s 1:07 AM. Pacific Standard Time. Which it can’t be. It’s supposed to go from 12:59 straight to 2. 

Now it’s 1:08. 

1:09. I just checked all my settings. The phone is supposed to know and automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time. 


I’m getting very nervous. 

What if I fall asleep in this chair. And wake up in an hour. And the phone says it’s 2:15. Does that mean I slept for an hour and 5 minutes. 

OR did I sleep for 5 minutes and the clock in the phone adjusted. 

1:13 AM. 

Is this one of those “watched pot never boils” things? If I don’t fall asleep, will I singlehandedly prevent Daylight Savings Time?

And will that effect everyone in the world or just me? What about people in Mountain Time. It’s already then … there. Will Denver go back to MTS?

1:16 AM. 

This could be the most boring movie ever made. 

I could post this, and hope that someone reads it right away. And calls me. 

1:18 AM. 

Platform vs Platform

I have noticed that my addiction to donating to Sanders 4 President was triggered by the issues raised and an approach to meaningful change. 

So I went to the web to see what Bernie was talking about that seemed so important to me. And to see what Hilary Clinton might be about. 
I have to admit that both platforms sound good.

But I truly believe that if we can elect Sanders, we can influence Congress. 

I don’t see that with Hilary. She looks like Hubert Humphrey to me. 


Income and Wealth Inequality

Free tuition and debt free college education

Get big money out of politics and restore democracy

Create decent paying jobs

Living wage

Combat climate change

Fair and humane immigration policy

Racial justice

Women’s rights

LGBT equality

Veteran’s care

Medicare for all

Disability rights


Alzheimer’s cure by 2025

Campaign Finance Reform

Campus Sexual Assault

Climate change & Energy


Criminal justice reform

Disability rights

Early Childhood Education


Gun violence prevention

Health care



K-12 Education


LGBT Equality



Interesting and amazing that it’s possible that the 2016 election will be between 2 candidates who don’t owe anything to Big Money. Trump because he’s his own Billionaire and can fund himself; Sanders, because he’s found a way to make it work without Billionaire’s. 

Let that sink in. 

What has it cost us to have the Presidency owned by Big Money? How is the middle class doing in this country? My dad made maybe $5K per year in the late 1940’s. But he had no debt other than a $50 per month house payment. Cost him less than $250 for my birth. How are people like him doing today?

There is a Lot of heat from big money coming down on Trump.  And a lot of big money coming in for Hilary Clinton. And for whatever reason, Big Media is either ignoring Bernie Sanders or advocating for Ms. Clinton, based on the fact that Bernie’s ideas can’t become reality. Because the only people who want the change he represents are the millions who want their government and country back but can’t write a big enough check on their own. 

This could be the year that was. Cannot wait to see what happens!!!

Our Wishes for the Next & Final Fraction of Our Lives