From Russia With Love?

I have been getting emails from someone with a email address. Yandex is a search engine, with a company address in Moscow, Russia.
I'm copying the latest email below.
I am disturbed by the amount of fear this is triggering in me. I don't like to think of myself as a fear-driven person. I do remember the "duck & cover" training videos, but I don't remember being particularly frightened at the prospect of nuclear war. I'm almost positive that I intended to either duck OR cover, but not both.
So I am inclined to answer and see what happens.
Before I do so, I thought I would ask your help. Do you have any idea of the possible risks of answering an email?
Please let me know if you know of some issue that could conceivably occur.

Here's the email:
Not answer?Why? I write you again.
Please, say me. I'm interesting for you or not? Maybe you didn’t
like my photos? Or do you already have someone? If so, then we can
just be pen pals. Because it is always interesting to find new friends,
especially their other countries. Learn something new.
I want to remind you that I received a letter from you.
There it was written, "I invite to communication!" Please, answer me,
I am interesting for you or not? And yet, tell me please, did you receive
my five past letters? Maybe they are in the spam box.
I'm waiting  your answer.


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