From Russia With Love?

I have been getting emails from someone with a email address. Yandex is a search engine, with a company address in Moscow, Russia.
I'm copying the latest email below.
I am disturbed by the amount of fear this is triggering in me. I don't like to think of myself as a fear-driven person. I do remember the "duck & cover" training videos, but I don't remember being particularly frightened at the prospect of nuclear war. I'm almost positive that I intended to either duck OR cover, but not both.
So I am inclined to answer and see what happens.
Before I do so, I thought I would ask your help. Do you have any idea of the possible risks of answering an email?
Please let me know if you know of some issue that could conceivably occur.

Here's the email:
Not answer?Why? I write you again.
Please, say me. I'm interesting for you or not? Maybe you didn’t
like my photos? Or do you already have someone? If so, then we can
just be pen pals. Because it is always interesting to find new friends,
especially their other countries. Learn something new.
I want to remind you that I received a letter from you.
There it was written, "I invite to communication!" Please, answer me,
I am interesting for you or not? And yet, tell me please, did you receive
my five past letters? Maybe they are in the spam box.
I'm waiting  your answer.


Universal Basic Income

I've been thinking about money as the driver of all things human. Just got an article about the dangers of Universal Basic Income to our society.
Apparently, tech billionaires have started to speak out about a subsidy for people below the poverty line.
These billionaires, specifically the Facebook guy in a graduation speech at Harvard, are saying that automation is going to cost jobs. And that it would be in the best interests of our society to prevent these ex-job holders, and their families, from falling into poverty.
According to the author of that piece, titled "Why a Universal Basic Income Would Be A Calamity".
Here's why, in order of presentation:

  • The elites would decide to take the vote away from the unemployed.
  • UBI only fixes one problem: lack of a reliable Income
  • UBI would lead to resistance to work
  • And more

My thought is that we in America and in the Capitalist West have been experimenting with this program for centuries: inherited wealth. If one person leaves enough money to his descendants, they lose the economic incentive: work as a preventative measure to starvation.
What happens to trust fund babies might be indicative of what might happen to recipients of UBI.
I don't have numbers, and if you need them, let me know what you find out.
Would you let me know if this is of interest:

  • Taking a look at what has been done by children of the rich
  • Is money/starvation prevention the only motivation
  • Do we/should we care about people who aren't our relatives?

I seem to have a twitter-like limit on my intention to speak. More than 140 characters but not by much.
Much Love to you
Richard Rosen
August 14, 2017
4:30 AM EDT
Riverdale, NY

Is It Safe?

Sir Laurence Olivier. The Graduate. 

No! Marathon Man. 

Fear of dentists. Brotherly love between Dustin Hoffman and Roy Scheider. 

And the question: Is It Safe?

Which meant, can I get the money from the locker without being killed? Or arrested?

But, what’s the deeper level?

What issues do you see?

Me and the war

I had an M14 once. Or thrice. Maybe 4 times. 

The year was 1967. I was in the army. For no good reason. Insanity. I had no sense of putting myself in harm’s way. I just enlisted while boys like me were doing everything to avoid service. Not just some boys. All the boys. Like me. 

And they gave me a gun. Not a gun. A rifle. A weapon. And I learned to shoot. And I qualified by shooting. At Fort Bragg in Basic Training. And at Fort McLellan in Infantry AIT. And at Fort Benning in Infantry Officer Candidate School. 

It just occurred to me on this night, in November 2016, in the 3rd month of my 70th year, in a trailer park in Beaumont California, that I was learning to kill men. 

What’s wrong with me? Would I do it again? If the ball had bounced a different way, and I had been sent to Vietnam, would I have killed yellow people?

I’m out of words. 

The American Government and Me

We seem to be slipping and sliding down a muddy slope to a future which cannot be attractive to anyone with half a brain. 

All due respect to the Deplorables. And to those who have substituted mob thinking for judgement. 

Why have we lost respect for each other, or even for the basic rules of decency? What am I talking about?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Jesus. 

Don’t do unto others as you would not wish them to do unto you. Hillel

It is Yom Kippur. I have not made it through the fast. Again. I still would like to get a pass on last year’s oaths and promises. Kol Nidre. All vows … which I may vow … from this Yom Kippur until the next Yom Kippur … we regret them all; all shall be hereby absolved … Let our vows not be considered vows. 

I never understood that the prayer referred to forgiveness for vows not yet made. 

We are the only beings who make promises. This prayer seems to be saying, “Please don’t expect me to keep my word”. 

Seems fair. 

27 and Counting

Homeless for 27 months. August 2014 to October 2016. And counting. No end in sight. 

So much has happened. Bernie Sanders came and went. I turned 67 and 68 and 69. My consort, Beverly Belle Kent, has become the Movement Maven. And my other consort, Susan Weinstein Rosen, has become a brilliant business developer. Anderson and Evelyn Rosen came into the world. 

All this and I have no address. 

I am this evening in my camper in Tucumcari New Mexico. Only sorry I can’t spend more time. But I will come back. 

I am always where I want to be. Why Not?

June 2016

Just noticed that it’s been almost a month since my last post. Not sure that’s because nothing has happened. Feels like apathy. 

I am not willing to ignore the passion I feel for the opportunity of this election. Will it be politics as usual or a real opportunity for meaningful change?

Thinking about the 1992 election and Bill Clinton’s campaign. Could have been our time. He was one of us, and he hadn’t detached from purpose. But it wasn’t what I might have envisioned. 

There was a purity to the early anti-establishment thought wave of the sixties. And then there was fashion and power. It was particularly striking in the South. Here were these shit-kickers adopting a radical world view. But, in the main, out of the same energy as before, in the south. A new and different way of getting laid. 

Bill Clinton was governor of a state and then president. And he was still about getting laid. Wow! Some metaphor. 

Only questions. No answers. I am afraid we will get what we deserve. 

Our Wishes for the Next & Final Fraction of Our Lives